Here are some pics from when I had to drive from the East Coast to Fairbanks, Alaska--again.  :P

   Here is a picture of a rest area north of Lake Superior, well east of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  It was very beautiful, and peaceful.  I was pleased to find that I was still strong enough to pull a railroad spike out of the track, though.  :)

   And here are two pictures of the northern shore of Lake Superior.  The views were breathtakingly beautiful.  -No taunting of the lake that I was on land, this time, though.  :)

   Yes, these are real places.  I was seriously considering driving to them--if only for the "notoriety" (for lack of a better word) of having driven to the farthest-north point reachable point by road in the province of Ontario.  I wasn't too keen, however, about adding 360+ miles, to an already 5,000+ mile trip.  :P

   I had wanted to go here for several years--Thunder Bay:

   And here is a picture of a really cool escarpment, south of Thunder Bay, proper.  I must apologize for the picture quality, but I had to take this one in heavy traffic.  

On to more pictures of the trip back, 'n stuff.