(Early) On 2/9/19 Saturday, I started "The Addams Family Pinball Diaries."

       :) :)

      For . . . wow, decades now, I have searched out–and (of course) played–Addams Family Pinball machines.  (The best pinball machine, ever made.)  A surprising amount of my fonder life memories, revolve around such—thinking back, I am really surprised–perhaps even amazed–at just how much.  ( . . . )

      Not knowing, how much longer, the game(s)–or I, for that matter–are going to last, I've decided to start a log—of games played. . . .

      Perhaps I'll find (great) comfort in this, in my dotage.  Should I live so long. . . .

      2/1/19 Friday

      I rode out to Joe's Playland (They have a machine, 'n stuff.)—to like, play, 'n stuff.

      A (weird sort of) note here: Working as an election clerk, I was to learn, about two locations, to play Addams Family Pinball.  One no longer extant. (I petitioned–heavily–to buy the machine, when the place closed.  ( . . . ))

      Now, for reasons unfathomable to me, I have always felt, this vague sort of unease, parked in Salisbury.  So, even with such a longish drive, I have never been able to relax enough there, to play more than two dollars worth of games.  This time–equally unfathomably–and for the first time, I was able to play three.

      2/8/19 Friday

      It looks like someone, was there before me. . . .

      (That's an empty wrapper, for a ten dollar roll of quarters.)

       :) ;)

      This evening, I could do no wrong—on the second game, I won both a free game, and matched.  At one point, I had gotten my highest score for that machine (73 million—I realize, this is not very high, but the machine is not, in good condition ( . . . ))—and had as many credits, as I had started with (3).  I went on to win more games—and match again.  Best night of playing, since I have started going there.

       :) :)

      2/10/19 Sunday

      For reasons not entire clear (althought they may have had something to do, with avoiding things I was supposed to be doing ( . . . )), I spontaneously headed out, to Salibury, to play.

      I had never been there, during the day, on Sunday before.  I had to wait the better part of an hour, to even play.  (I also went upstairs for the first time—and found Q*bert.  (!!) :) :) ) I played horribly—the best thing I could be said to have accomplished, was 7 bear kicks, in one game.  (I also flashed the "Design Credits" before leaving.)

      ( :p :P )

      2/15/19 Friday

      I played two dollors' worth (6 games).  I got an extra game—on each of my final three.  I also got, at one point, a wicked Mamushka bonus: 11,000,000.  There was also, later, an 10,650,000 "Cousin It."  Otherwise, nothing remarkable.

      I flashed the "Design Credits" before leaving.  For some reason, I had a little trouble, getting that to work. . . .

      2/22/19 Friday

      Not a good evening. When I got to Joe's Playland, I found tape, over both the coin slots, of the Addams Family Pinball machine.  This could only mean one thing.  ( :( :( :( :( )

      Taking a chance, I moved the tape from one side, over to the other (If I were to be "caught," I planned on saying, I found things that way. . . .).  I then added (foolishly, I might add) a dollar in quarters.

      And–sure enough–when I fired her up, she kept going through the "searching for the missing ball routine" (basically, beating herself up).  I left, as nonchalantly as I could.

      Nor did my woes, end there.  Leaving, I picked up a "tail"—of "Massachusetts' finest."  :p :P

      So, instead of turning left, on 1A southbound, I just continued into the parking lot.  Not wanting to be so obvious about things, the ___, continued left—coming back around, in a "circle," around the "triangular roundabout."  I, on the other hand, immediately got going back on 1A south, and then turned onto 110 west.

      By the time "filthy penny" got back to the lot, I was (fully legally) long gone.  Seventeen and 1/2 years, in Upstate New York, have taught me these things. . . .

      3/8/19 Friday

      One the first round (i.e. one dollar's worth of quarters) . . . nothing interesting happened.  However, on the second round. . . .

      I got a match—and won more free games, than I could (Seriously) keep track of.  The first was due to a successful completion of a "Fester's Tunnel Hunt"—the other were due to what I shall call (false modesty aside) solid play.  I got a 74 million (the highest score there) and then, later, I actually pushed a Mansion Tour (!! (!!))—with 110 million, and 8 Mansion Rooms.


      Oh, and I flashed the "Design Credits" before leaving.

      3/15/19 Friday

      I played two dollars worth of quarters—and won a free game, with each dollars worth.  Nothing remarkable—however, I did seem to be "hitting the throne," quite well.  I flashed the "Design Credits" as I was leaving.

      3/23/19 Saturday

      I found tape, over both quarter slots.  Having learned my lesson(s) beforehand, I just left.

      I should have flashed the "Design Credits," before leaving. . . .

      5/4/19 Saturday (I think.)

      On the way into Salisbury, I noticed a sign (Gray, weathered—the type of sign, one would only expect to find, in New England. . . .)—it was for "Adams Avenue."  Now, HOW could I have missed that—all these times. . . .

      The kiosks are back.  Grrrr. . . .

      I played 2 dollars worth of games.  My play was abysmal.  However, I did match ("00") on my very first game.  At this point, the game displayed one of its (very rare) bugs: Gomez asked me, "Two out of three?"

       :) :)

      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving. . . .

      2/8/20 Saturday

      After finishing rotating the tires and changing the oil, I thought . . . why don't I just keep going—and go play some Addams Family Pinball?!

      I didn't have a good answer; so, I went.  :) :) :) :)

      Wow. I transformed, into a total pinballasaurus (It happens—sometimes.).  I matched on the first game; won several free games—and even had a potential run (for a while), on a "Mansion Tour."


      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving. . . .

      Afterwards, I just went out—and looked at the waves. . . .

      Worth noting (perhaps . . . not)—I had two abortive (and mean abortive) trips out there, between the above two entries.  I think I didn't mention them—because they . . . really weren't worth mentioning.

       :) ;)

      2/15/20 Saturday

      I had a (recently recovered, strangely enough) roll of quarters.  However—I didn't need it.

      I put in a dollar['s, worth of quarters] . . . and ended up, playing like, 14 games.  (!!!!) I kept getting one free game after another.  I also managed, something like a 63 million game—but couldn't get anything to really "break away."  (. . .)

      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving.

      2/29/20 Saturday

      The first game, I could do no right: "bobbled"—twice; the second game, I could do no wrong ( :) :) )—"2x T-H-I-N-G" (very rare—even for me), an amazing "Cousin It," and a positively kickin' "Mamushka' (Who says you can't take it with you!!!!"  :) :) )—something like 126,000,000 (!!!!) (Which, I believe, is the highest score I have achieved, on that machine.).  –And for good measure, after that game, I matched.  (!!)

       :) :)

      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving.

      3/8/20 Sunday

      I didn't play badly; however, I did seem to do more poorly, as time went on.  (This isn't as obvious as it sounds—sometimes, I do better, as I continue playing.  :) ;) ) I seemed to keep hanging on—getting a free game, and matching, after losing the last ball of my last game, for instance.  I did manage to amass 8 Mansion Rooms, at one point—and I also had a 75 million game. . . .

      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving.

      10/12/2021 Tuesday

      I found myself at this gigantic movie complex, called "Emagine" (with a badly deteriorated parking lot :p :| ), in Lakeville, Minnesota. At the time, it was the closest venue, playing Lamb (although, as it became more popular, it was played at places, closer (. . .)).

      When, MUCH to my surpise, I found. . . .

      This, is life-altering. (!! (!!))

       :) :)

      10/19/2021 Tuesday

      I went there (Emagine) again—pretty much just to play Addams Family Pinball. :) ;) (Although, Free Guy surprised me utterly—by being (surprisingly) good. (. . .))

      It's a dollar a play—and the machine is old enough, such that it was never designed for that. The "Whoo. Whaw. Wooh! Whoa!!" (one for each subsequent quarter deposited), goes by way too fast (i.e. once a dollar [bill] is inserted). . . .

      I didn't play badly; however, I couldn't really get anything going, either. This is definitely, a newer version of the game; it has new message, and mentions–in words–a new place called "Cousin It's Hideout" (which I think, is actually "Thing. . . .").

      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving.

      I found it, well . . . amazing—that I still had the printout, on how to do this (I still remembered the "codes," apparently—I just looked in order to make sure of them.)—was still in the jacket pocket, of my (favorite) leather jacket. And that the jacket was still with me—after moves over three states, and having (somehow) survived the fire. . . .

      10/26/2021 Tuesday

      I ended up, getting to "Emagine," later than I had anticipated, and ended up picking a movie at random. It claimed it was a documentary; however, it was soo BAD, that–after 15 minutes or so–I walked out.

      This marks only the fourth movie, I have ever walked out upon.

      So then I could get to the *REAL* reason for my coming here. :) :) Addams Family Pinball!!

       :) :) :) :)

      I didn't do so well—I just couldn't get anything going. (And I ended up spending a dollar more, than I had in mind. It's important to set limits–when there's an Addams Family Pinball machine right there–and, when one is (potentially) spending one's laundry money. :) ;) ) However, I did manage to score my highest score to date, on that machine. (It's so low, I'm not going to tell yous (sic). :) ;) )

      I had another reason, for coming here today—I wanted to, indeed, verify, if this machine, was/is a "Gold." So. . . .

      It took a few tries, but I successfully entered the code (12-5-4) and. . . .

      Yep—that's a gold.


      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving.

      2/8/2022 Tuesday

      I played credibly well—I got a free game at one point; I made some (but not all :p ;) ) really good shots; and, as time went on, my ~desperately low mood, lifted higher and higher. . . .

       :) :) :) :)

      I flashed the "Design Credits," upon leaving.

      2/8/2022 Tuesday

      I had gotten laid off that afternoon–and was convinced I was going to have to start living an entirely different existence altogetther–so, I was bound and determined, to do something fun.

      So, I drove up to Lakeville, for some PINBALL!! I played pretty well—I got a "Cousin It's Hideout," and managed to sock him, twice. ( :) ;) ) I was actually shooting rather well (especially) Bear Kicks. Then, the ball got (perpetually) jammed, up by Thing. At that point, the game couldn't go on—and yet, it couldn't end, either. I took some consolation, in that I was now "playing" an "Immortal Game."

       :P ;)

      (I thought everybody knew this—but apparently not: the "Immortal Game" was the same game, played between Dr. Eldon Tyrell, and Roy Batty, in "Blade Runner.")