On the early morning of July 28th, 2011, I saw the most *EXTRAORDINARY* display of noctilucent clouds I have EVER seen.

      Noctilucent clouds–in technical terms, polar mesospheric clouds–are an extremely rare phenomenon, observed pretty much exclusively in artic regions—although, they have been spotted as far south as Utah, once.  :) ;)

      They are very strange, indeed.  They are comprised of long chains of water molecules, and are located at an altitude over 99% of the rest of the Earth's atmosphere.  They have only been observed in modern times—and have been attributed to being a harbinger of global warming.  (I suppose that, when funding is at stake, pretty much anything can be attributed to being a harbinger of global warming.  :) ;) )

      I happen to believe that they are more of a . . . "pre-harbinger of rocket launches."  :) ;) Think about it: burning hydrogen in the upper atmosphere produces. . . .

      Regardless, they are REALLY cool.  I first noticed something was, well . . . up ( :) ;) )—when I was walking out of wal-mart (*REFUSE* to capitalize. . . .), and realized that some of the clouds didn't look quite right.

      PMC's!! First of the season!! I placed the camera on the hood of the Impreza (to keep it steady, for the exposures), and started "shotguning" (taking progressive pictures, increasing the amount of exposure) some pics:

      –Notta' so good. HAI!

      Then, I went back to the apartment, grabbed my tripod, and started looking for a good spot.  After wandering around Chena Ridge for a bit, I found that the best place was actually the first I had considered—the open area, by the gas station.


      Just LOOK at that sky!

      Look at those ripples!  –It almost looks as if one were underwater. . . .

      No matter where one looked . . . these things filled the ENTIRE SKY.  (!!)

      Overexposure city:

      :P ;)

      (I had trouble with the exposure . . . until I disabled the flash—and just let the camera choose.  It is ofttimes quipped—that Canon's unofficial slogan is "Making even YOUR photography look good."  (!)

      :) ;)


      Just look at that sky. . . .  –It doesn't even look REAL!  –It looks more like a Van Gogh painting. . . .