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Company of Fifers and Drummers, Book 1
TitleFife PageAlt Fife PageDrum pageAlt DrumAlt DrumStock BeatStock PageAlt StockAlt Stock Page
Arkansas Traveller182951
Baker's Buck1439
Barren Rocks Of Aden2859
Belle Of The Mohawk Vale1238
Biddy Oats15083
Bonnie Dundee112212
British Grenadiers72670
British Grenadiers No. 27115
Bummers Reel18126
Chicken Reel2045
City Guards2773
Col. Robertson's Welcome2150
Crown Point2455
Cuckoo's Nest1846
Devil's Dream2283
Dog's Nose2641
Downfall Of Paris162830
Dublin Boy2657
1812 (Eighteen Twelve) 2/4742
1812 (Eighteen Twelve) 6/823
Essence Of Tampa2454
Father O'Flynn1136
Fairfield Muster3168
Farewell To Gibraltar2847
Fifty Cent Piece2562
Fireman's Quick Step163132
Flagg Hornpipe2048
Forty Second3067
Frog Of Mine2556
Gary Owen103670
Germantown Hook2968
Girl I Left Behind132570
Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself718
Grandfather's Clock9271910
Green Cockade2455
Hail To The Chief1728
Hanover Hornpipe2150
Harvest Home Hornpipe2249
Hell On The Wabash152412
Irish Washerwoman1034
Jay Bird163132
Jefferson And Liberty142744
Just Before The Battle, Mother3065
Kenderbeck's Hornpipe23083
La Belle Catherine42039
Lady Walpole332039
Lakes Of Sligo113567
Lord Lavett's Lament13441910
Martin's Rattler2766
Minstrel Boy1033
Miss Mcleod's Reel14083
Nancy Hanks1343
Norman Toy4094
Old Saybrook82526
Owl Creek3338
Paddy On The Handcar1947189
Pig Town Fling2151
Polly Wolly Doodle2667
President Garfield's Hornpipe1945
Pumpkin Creek1340
Rakes Of Mallow62233
Rally Round The Flag1237
Red, White And Blue1529
Rickett's Hornpipe22189
Road To Boston2094
Rob Roy Mcintosh1948
Rose Tree31618
Roving Sailor420
Rudimental Step2757
Sailor's Hornpipe2046
Scotland The Brave1135
Seven Stars31718
Sherman's March923
Some Distance From Prussia64
Star Spangled Banner12011
Stillman's Reel2760
Stony Point519
St. Patrick's Day3341
Strube's 6/813031
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp1237
Turkey In The Straw1746
Veterans Qs26073
Village Qs824
Wearing Of The Green1033
Welcome Here Again520
Westbrook Muster3269
White Cockade31541
Whup Jamboree23126
World Turned Upside Down21415
Wrecker's Daughter1742
Yankee Doodle (Old)213083
Yankee Doodle (New)113147
Zig Zag Clog Dance211710

Company of Fifers and Drummers, Book 2

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TitleFife PageAlt Fife PageDrum pageAlt DrumAlt DrumStock BeatStock PageAlt StockAlt Stock Page
Ah, Ca Iraf13.shtmld93.shtml
All Take Tea (H)f47.shtml3d75.shtml7d77.shtml
American Patriotf1.shtml16d84.shtml
Army 6/8d76.shtml
Army 2/4d77.shtml
Army Revised78.shtml
Biddy Oatsd77.shtml
Barren Rocks Of Adenf32.shtmld122.shtml
Battle Hymn (H)f16.shtmld116.shtml
Black Watchf40.shtmld140.shtmld141.shtml
Blackberry Blossomsf34.shtml13d80.shtml
Blatchley's Banterf36.shtml22d85.shtml
Blue Belles Of Scotlandf18.shtml15d82.shtml
Bluff Reelf24.shtml19d84.shtml
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhinef54.shtmld148.shtml
Bonnie Blue Flagf18.shtmld106.shtml
Brozek 2/4 No. 1d81.shtml
Brozek 2/4 No. 2d81.shtml
Bruce's Addressf23.shtmld106.shtml
Burn's Moore Fancy 6/8d77.shtml
Camptown Racesf19.shtml1d75.shtml15d82.shtml
Captain Mcintosh (H)f12.shtmld91.shtml
Cincinnati Hornpipef37.shtmld123.shtml
Clark's Hornpipef45.shtmld150.shtml
Common Timed83.shtml
Connecticut Half Timed82.shtml
Constitution Hornpipef59.shtmld59.shtml
Contemporary Revolutionf38.shtmld135.shtml
Corn Cob Clogf38.shtmld117.shtml
Crazy Army 2/4d80.shtml
Crazy Monumentald79.shtml
Daniel Of The Sunf23.shtmld151.shtml
Dashing White Sgtf25.shtmld112.shtml
Devil Of Dublinf26.shtml7d77.shtml
Devil's Flutef40.shtmlf57.shtmld137.shtml
Doherty's Fancyf22.shtmld137.shtml
Dohm's Expressf30.shtmld142.shtml
Double Drag Beat d86.shtml
Downshire (H)f55.shtml
Dream Q.S.f34.shtml11d79.shtml
Drum Solos, Duets, Quartetsd233.shtml
Drums And Gunsf33.shtmld135.shtml
Duke Of Kent's March (H)f9.shtml
Duke Of York Short Troop (H)f10.shtmld103.shtml
Duke Of York's March (H)f8.shtmld120.shtml
Dutch Fusiliersf3.shtmld152.shtml
Eddie Clapp's 6/8f23.shtml7d77.shtml
Essex Marchf5.shtml1d75.shtml
Fifer's Delightf12.shtmld105.shtml
Fifer's Masterpiecef6.shtml19d84.shtml
Finale British Laurela (H)f10.shtml8d79.shtml
Finnegan's Wakef15.shtmld97.shtml
Fireman's Q.S. (H)f31.shtmld126.shtml
Fireman's Reelf34.shtml11d79.shtml
First Of September (H)f14.shtmld131.shtmld132.shtml
Fisher's Hornpipef29.shtmld131.shtml
Flowing Bowlf13.shtmld92.shtml
Garry Owenf25.shtmld113.shtml
General, Thed83.shtml
Girl I Left Behind Mef19.shtmld111.shtml
Golden Slippersf17.shtmld107.shtmld108.shtml
Governor King's March (H)f4.shtmld144.shtml
Granny Will Your Dog Bite?f6.shtmld90.shtml
Guilderoy Reelf36.shtmld134.shtml
Handel's Gavotf69.shtml
Hare In The Cornf27.shtmld127.shtml
Harem Scarem (H)f46.shtmld155.shtml
Haste To The Weddingf6.shtmld89.shtml
Hell On The Wabash d86.shtml
House Of Duncanf26.shtmld118.shtml
How Are You Kitty?f22.shtmld137.shtml
How's Your Mother?f22.shtmld137.shtml3d75.shtml4d75.shtml
Hunstman Hornpipef36.shtmld133.shtml
I Was One Day At Whappingf26.shtmld107.shtml
Irish Reelf71.shtml
Itialian Duet (H)f2.shtml19d84.shtml
Janizary's Marchf13.shtmld103.shtml
Jaybird And Fireman's Q.S. (H)f31.shtmld126.shtml
Kater Tacawitha (H)f63.shtmld156.shtml
Katy Hillf31.shtmld142.shtmld148.shtml
Key West Hornpipef24.shtmld135.shtml
Kingdom Comingf17.shtmld100.shtml
Kinlin's Reelf26.shtml24d86.shtml
Korn Likkerf39.shtmld138.shtml
Lamplighter's Hornpipef35.shtmld152.shtml
Larry O'Gaffef29.shtmld129.shtml
Little Teaf24.shtml3d75.shtml
Liverpoole Hornpipef37.shtmld133.shtml
Loved One's Fancyf47.shtml10d83.shtml
March Onf2.shtml12d82.shtml
Marching Through Georgiaf16.shtmld115.shtml
Mason's Apronf41.shtml18d83.shtml
Merry Men Home From The Gravef8.shtmld96.shtml
Minuet (H)f71.shtml
Molly On The Shoref41.shtmld128.shtml
Monumental 2/4d78.shtml
Morgan's Rattlerf24.shtmld137.shtml
Muffled Drumf33.shtmld122.shtml
Nelly Blyf19.shtmld90.shtml
New 6/8f15.shtmld106.shtml
New Jersey Army 6/8d76.shtml
New York Marine 6/8d76.shtml
Northwest Passagef5.shtmld130.shtml
Oak Hill Reelf33.shtml12d80.shtml
O'Connor's Q.S.f39.shtmld140.shtml
O'Gallagher's Hornpipef23.shtml2d75.shtml
Oh, Susannaf46.shtmld138.shtml
Old Dan Tuckerf17.shtmld109.shtmld110.shtml
One Hundred Pipersf18.shtmld102.shtml
Oswestry March (H)f9.shtml
Over The Hills And Far Awayf2.shtmld147.shtml
Oyster River Hornpipef35.shtmld123.shtmld124.shtml
Paddy on the Hand Card84.shtml
Paddy Whackf3.shtmld93.shtml
Pennsylvania Q.S.f6.shtmld91.shtml
Perriloux 2/4d83.shtml
Plain 2/4d75.shtml
Flam 2/4d75.shtml
Plain 6/8d75.shtml
Flam 6/8d75.shtml
Post's Q.S.f38.shtmld111.shtml
Power Of Whiskey (Patty O' Toole)f19.shtmld119.shtml
Prussia Variationf58.shtmld149.shtml
Queen Of Heartsf2.shtml11d78.shtml
Rakes Of Kildaref28.shtmld129.shtml
Red Coat Fifer (H)f35.shtmlf49.shtmld104.shtml
Red, White And Bluef30.shtmld151.shtml
Road to Bostond78.shtml
Rochester Schottishe (H)f48.shtmld93.shtml
Rondeau (H)f11.shtmld147.shtml
Rory O'Moref25.shtmld143.shtml
Rule Britaniaf4.shtmld146.shtml
Scarlet Regiment (H)f42.shtmld145.shtml
Seely Simpkins (Juba Clark's Army 2/4)d85.shtml
Sgt O'Learyf25.shtmld120.shtml
Shiley Mcgilef3.shtmld119.shtml
Sister's Jigf14.shtmld101.shtml
Slow March 4/4f5.shtmld99.shtml
Slow Troop 3/4f5.shtmld99.shtml
Smith's Hornpipef37.shtml
Soldier's Joy (H)f40.shtmlf50.shtmld94.shtml
Soldier's Returnf15.shtmld100.shtmld114.shtmld124.shtml
Some Distance From Prussiaf35.shtmld114.shtml
Southern Rose Polkaf44.shtml
Spider 6/8f29.shtmld113.shtml
Squirrel Hunterf53.shtmld146.shtml
Steeplechase Polkaf43.shtml
Stillman's Reel (H)f32.shtmld149.shtml
Sturtze 2/4d79.shtml
Stock Beats d74 d75 d76 d77 d78 d79 d80 d81 d82 d83 d84 d85 d86
Strausberg Q.S.f27.shtml18d83.shtml
Successful Campaignf3.shtmld95.shtml
Swallow's Tailf28.shtmld130.shtml
Swede's Hallf49.shtml11d79.shtml
Talemann To Vivaldi (H)f29.shtmld125.shtml
Teddy O'Neillf65.shtml
Tenting Tonight (H)f20.shtmld136.shtml
Themes (H)f51.shtmld153.shtml
Three Hundred Yearsf14.shtmld110.shtml
Three Little Drummers (H)f53.shtmld150.shtml
Three Quarter Time 3/4d85.shtml
Turkish March (H)f7.shtmld96.shtml
Union Q.S.f27.shtmld127.shtml
Washinton's Artillery March (H)f1.shtmld89.shtml
When Johnny Comes Marching Homef18.shtmld121.shtml
When The Cruel War Is Over (H)f21.shtmld136.shtml
Willie Weaverf15.shtmld98.shtml
Wind That Shakes The Barleyf30.shtml8d77.shtml
(Yankee Doodle) Single Drag Beatd85.shtml
York Fusiliers (H)f7.shtmld95.shtml
Yorktown (H)f39.shtmld139.shtml

Company of Fifers and Drummers, Book 3

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American TroopLong Island Minutemen c3-39.shtmlc3-39.shtml
As-Tu Vu La CasquetteLancraft Fife & Drum c3-34.shtmlc3-35.shtml
Back From YorktownLong Island Minutemen c3-36.shtmlc3-37.shtml
BeethovenMorris County Militia (Chatham) c3-48.shtmlc3-51.shtml
Billy BudAncient Mariners c3-32.shtmlc3-32.shtml
Brian BorhuThe Sons Of Liberty c3-26.shtmlc3-28.shtml
Butter'D Pease1St Michigan Fife & Drum c3-72.shtmlc3-73.shtml
Country DanceConnecticut Blues c3-54.shtmlc3-60.shtml
Drowsy MaggieThe Old Guard c3-33.shtmlc3-33.shtml
Empty PocketsIndependence Fife & Drum c3-42.shtmlc3-44.shtml
Hearts Of OakIndependence Fife & Drum c3-42.shtmlc3-43.shtml
Logan 6/8 Q.S. #1Independence Fife & Drum c3-40.shtmlc3-41.shtml
Logan Village Q.S.Independence Fife & Drum c3-40.shtmlc3-41.shtml
Marche Pour Deus Fifres Et TambourLancraft Fife & Drum c3-34.shtmlc3-34.shtml
Men Of HarlechNew York Regimentals c3-25.shtmlc3-25.shtml
Moonlight On The LakeLong Island Minutemen c3-39.shtmlc3-39.shtml
No MistakeChester Fife & Drum c3-42.shtmlc3-43.shtml
North And The SouthChales T Kirk c3-13.shtmlc3-20.shtml
Old English And Yankee DoodleChales T Kirk c3-15.shtmlc3-22.shtml
Seymour'S Q.S.Long Island Minutemen c3-40.shtmlc3-41.shtml
ScottiesLancraft Fife & Drum c3-34.shtmlc3-35.shtml
Stony Point MedleyMiddlesex County Volunteers c3-45.shtmlc3-46.shtml
Straw HatsChippewa Democratic Club c3-66.shtmlc3-68.shtml
Swinging Thru The RevolutionDelmar Village Volunteers c3-64.shtmlc3-65.shtml

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