Bruce & Emmet's Drummers and Fifers Guide

Please note that B&E should not be used as a period source for American Civil War reenactors and field musicians. The book didn't recieve wide attention until after the war, it just wasn't in use by the field troops during the war. Some of the tunes in the book are "Emmettisms" modified by Emmett to suit his style, and George Bruce's resume isn't exactly as published on the cover. Please note the reveille tunes are marked clearly with two songs "do not belong in the reveille at this time" and the author places the songs there "so you may become familiar wth them". Field Musicians should use a field manual or any one of 20 earlier duty books (Nevins, Hart etc) instead!

A sample of dotted notes27
A staff10
Added or Ledger Lines18
Adjutant's Call37
Afternoon Duty40
Albany Beef Quick Step56
Ancient and Hon. Artillery Quick Step69
Aura Lea example 224
Bear Grass Waltz89
Bed Time42
Ben Greene's Quick Step59
Biddy Oats Quick Step56
Bob Hitchcock's Quick Step59
Boston Quick Step61
Breakfast Call37
British Grenadiers84
Camp Duty28
Capt. Palmer's Quick Step74
Capt. Whiting's Quick Step67
Cease Firing53
Charming Molly93
Chebang Quick Step64
Church Call (and Parley)48
Cincinnatti Quick Step58
Circus Rider Quick Step61
Col. Andrew's Quick Step68
Col. Robertson's Welcome Quick Step61
Comet Waltz86
Commence Firing53
Compound Flamadiddle08
Compound Paradiddle08
Compound Strokes08
Convington Waltz87
Cuckoo Quick Step81
Cuckoo's Nest Quick Step80
Dawning of the Day31
Dedekii Quick Step64
Dinner Call39
Directions for putting on (changing) drum heads04
Dixie Quick Step79
Double Bar19
Double Paradiddle08
Double Quick Time53
Double Ratamacues07
Downfall of Paris44
Downshire Quick Step66
Drag Paradiddle08
Drummer's Call (Ashworth's)09
Drummer's Call (Scott's Tactics)09
Duke of York's85
Dusky Night33
Duty of Musicians14
Duty of the leading drummer and fifer14
Duty of the orderly drummer and fifer14
Emmett's Quick Step57
Empty Pocket's Quick Step59
Erin's Green Shore42
Examples of musical terms23
Examples of time20
Fairy Boy95
Fancy Quick Steps64
Fancy Troops85
Far Down Quick Step65
Fife Instructor15
First Sergeant's Call10
Flam Accent No. 1 and No. 208
Flam Paradiddle08
Flam Paradiddle-diddle08
Fort McHenry Quick Step77
Fourth Artillery Quick Step75
Full Drag07
Funeral Duties50
Funeral Marches (various)50
Funeral Marches (various)51
Further Directions for the Drum Major48
Governor's Island Quick Step70
Guard Mounting37
Hail to the Chief62
Half and Full Drag07
Half Drags07
Here's to our friends Quick Step78
Highland Mary93
H-ll on the Wabash Quick Step80
Hog-Eye Man84
How to Obtain an Embouchure17
Instructions for holding the drum04
Instructions for holding the sticks05
Instructions for the Drum Major47
Inverted turn21
Iron Bridge Quick Step58
Irregular calls and beats48
Jersey Blue93
Katty's Rambles Quick Step60
Kenderbeck's Quick Step58
King William 82
Larry O'Brien Quick Step76
Length of the Notes18
Long Roll05
Lydecker's Quick Step56
Major Riley's Quick Step 73
March in Retreat53
Merry Men52
Mississippi Quick Step61
Money Must94
My lodgings on the cold ground45
My Love She's But a Lasssie Yet example 424
Nancy Dawson94
Ned Kendall's Quick Step70
New Tatter Jack Quick Step42
Newport Quick Step71
No Party Quick Step61
Of dotted notes19
of dotted rests19
of rests19
of shakes, trills and turns21
of sharps and naturals21
of the key22
of ties, slurs and dots22
of time13
one cadence54
or ornaments21
Owl Creek Quick Step60
Peas upon a Trencher37
Pioneer Call, or Fatigue36
Poor Cato92
Poor Cato - Walch.92
Position of the Learner17
Post's Quick Step69
Pretty Girl Milking the Cow41
Pretzel Waltz91
Price Edward83
Prince Edward83
Prince Eugene82
Pushee's Quick Step58
Queen of Hearts27
Quick Marches26
Quick Retreat95
Quick Scotch35
Quick Step27
Quick Steps for Drum Corps54
Recall Detachments53
Retreat (at sundown)40
Roast Beef39
Roll of 10 strokes06
Roll of 11 strokes06
Roll of 13 strokes06
Roll of 15 strokes06
Roll of 5 strokes06
Roll of 7 strokes06
Roll of 8 strokes06
Roll of 9 strokes06
Roving Blades94
Rudimental Principles04
Rudimental Principles04
Rudimental Principles17
Rudiments of Music18
Sailor Boy95
Salute for a General aka Hail to the Chief62
Sandy McGregor's Quick Step59
Scale for the fife17
Scales and Exercises24
Seely Simpkins Quick Step78
Side Beats82
Side Flamadiddle08
Signals for the movement of field music and Band47
Signals of the Drum Major47
Simple Melodies (Exercises)24
Single Paradiddles08
Single Ratamacues07
Sixth Infantry Quick Step72
Slow March43
Slow March62
Slow March63
Slow March63
Slow Marches63
Slow Scotch29
Slow Scotch29
Slow Scotch93
Sole-Leather QuickStep81
Speel the Plough Quick Step57
St. Louis Waltz90
St. Louis Waltz 90
Standard Beats55
Standard Beats Army 2/456
Steiner's Waltz88
Sugar in a Gourd Quick Step57
Surgeon's Call36
Tap Ruff08
Tattoo, or bed time42
Ten Pound Note93
The Assembly09
The Assembly09
The Assembly36
The Brace22
The Clef18
The Corkonian Quick Step60
The Crescendo and Diminuendo22
The Double Drag07
The Doublings42
The Dutch34
The Flam06
The General48
The Girl I Left Behind Me52
The House O'Duncan Quick Step61
The Leader14
The Muffled Drum Quick Step76
The Parley (and Church Call)48
The Pause or hold21
The Pause or hold21
The Rogue's March53
The Ruff07
The Sea Shore27
The Single Drag07
The Three Cheers38
Three camps, or Points of War28
Time and it's Divisions20
Time Table13
To Ground Drums47
To the Color49
Treble Ratamacues07
Trust to Luck Troop45
Turnpike Bend Quick Step57
Twinke Twinkle Little Star example 124
Vinton's Hornpipe26
Wild Irishman95
Wymen's Quick Step60
Yankee Doodle (single drag)94
Yankee Doodle (2/4) example 324

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