Jim Krause has translated this book from the early 19th Century notation to modern drum notation! This newly released edition is available today just click here!

A New, Useful and Complete System of Drum Beating
Including The Reveille, The Troop, Retreat, Officers Calls,
Signals, Salutes and the whole of the Camp Duty as
practiced at Head Quarters, Washington City, intended particularly
for the United States Army and Navy by Charles Stewart Ashworth
Director of the Marine Band of music, Washington City.
To which are added tunes for the fife -
adapted to the drum.
Boston, Published by the Author, 1812
General Orders2
Rudiments for Beating in General3
Rolls and Strokes4
The Drummers Call6
The Troop6
Rising of the Troop6
Singlings of the Troop or Assembly6
Doublings of the Troop7
End of the Troop after the three Rolls7
The Tattoo7
Singlings of the Tattoo8
Doublings of the Tattoo8
To Arms9
The Adjutants Call9
First Serjents Call9
The Wood Call9
All non Commissioned Officers Call9
The Water Call9
Front to Halt9
The General10
The Fatigue or Pioneers March10
The Reveille12
The first part of The Three Camps12
The second part of The Three Camps13
The third part of The Three Camps13
The Scotch14
The Scotch Continued15
The Austrian16
The Dutch16
The Hessian17
The Scotch Repeat18
The Scotch Repeat Continued19
The Grenadiers March20
The Grenadiers March Continued21
The first part of the Grenadiers
March on the Drag for a General Salute21
Quick Step or Long march23
Common Time March23
Quick Step23
Quick Step cont.24
Slow March24
The Duke of York Short Troop for one drum24
The Duke of York Short Troop for one drum cont25
A Favorite Troop for two drums26
A Favorite Troop for two drums cont27

Tunes for the Fife, adopted to the foregoing Work.

The Reveille The Three Camps28
The Reveille The Scotch28
The Reveille The Austrian29
The Reveille The Dutch29
The Reveille The Hessian (Hefsian in olde type)29
The Reveille The Hessian (cont)30
The Reveille The Scotch Repeat 30
The Drummers Call30
When Wars Alarm, Troop31
Doublings of Troop31
To Arms31
The Lass of Ochram, Retreat32
The General32
The Fatigue or Pioneers March32
The Roast Beef33
The Rogues March33
The Grenadiers March33
The Grenadiers March cont34
Parley, or Church Call34
Phyllis and Damon Troop34
Charming Molly Doublings35
The Dog and Gun Troop35
The Tobacco Box Doublings35
The Pretty Maid, Retreat36
Polly Oliver, Retreat36
Quick Step36
Quick Step37
Smiths Hornpipe37
Slow March #138
Slow March #238

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