Welcome to Fife & Drum Online's Frequently Asked Questions List

This rare posting is the FAQ for the fifedrum mailing list.  This 
document is updated infrequently and changes are maintained on the 
fifedrum mailing list web page.

Contributions and changes to this FAQ are welcome and encouraged.
These should be emailed to kenb@fifedrum.org, the list maintainer.

1) Where can I get this document excluding waiting for it at the beginning of the month?

Copies of this document can be found on the world wide web at: http://www.fifedrum.org/fifedrum/FAQ.html

2) What's all this anyway?

The fifedrum mailing list was started in July 1998 of several corps in response to complaints about difficulty contacting members of the corps.  In practice, this list is a nifty means of contacting members of the international fife and drum community to keep up on gossip, styles, schedules and any other issues impacting the fife and drum community.

3) Where is it maintained?

This mailing list is maintained by Ken Barlow on the www.fifedrum.org server which is physically located in Rochester, New York.  It is maintained electronically.

4) What should I post to the list?

Anything that is even remotely fife and drum related.  Marching, music, births, deaths, weddings, parades, performances, musters, costs, prices, uniforms, instruments, gripes, congratulations, results, web page URLs, you get the picture.

5) What shouldn't I post to this list?

SPAM, UCE, chain letters, threats and generally anything which doesn't relate to fifing and drumming. Oh, and don't post binary attachments.  Instead, put the attachments on a web page and post the URL pointing to the attachment.  If you need help with this, talk to Ken.  For more information on SPAM and UCE see http://www.cauce.org  This is not a violation of anyone's rights to post anything they please, don't start that argument or you'll be flamed off the 'net.

6) How do I post to the list?

Good question.  You subscribe to the list by visiting https://www.fifedrum.org/mailman/listinfo/fifedrum and following the subscription. You post messages to the list by sending email to fifedrum@fifedrum.org

7) What's up with the sporadic volume of the list?

It's a busy group of people.  We don't all sit in front of our computer screens all day, just Ken and a few others...  Hence the alternating periods of quite and noise. Since the lists' inception, the volume of notes has grown quite a bit. Rarely a day goes by without 20+ messages.

8) Speaking of a few months, what happens to all the posts?

The posts are not archived on the fifedrum server nor are accessible by checking out http://www.fifedrum.org/fifedrum and not finding the link to the archive.  Currently, the archive has not been implemented as the list maintainer is not interested in giving anyone access to it.

9)  What if I don't want to be archived?

Simply add a header "X-NoArchive: Yes" to your posts and they will be ignored.  They will, however be added to a special archive which is only accessible to the administrators of the system, and which is deleted often. 

10) Talk about SPAM directed to the list.

OK, simply put, some unkind person may at some time discover our little list and decide that Fife and Drum Corps are a good market for a large direct marketing scheme like Laundry Disks, Amsoil or something which obviously has nothing to do with Fife and Drum.  If this happens even once, it's a BAD thing, so after the first occurance, we'll vote and move this list to a pseudo-moderated list, that is to say, messages will be sent from a subscriber and if it's the first time, the moderator gets the note.  If the note passes muster, it will be sent on to the list and the sender's name is added to the "approved" list along with everyone else's name.

So, we wind up with a list which requires a little more maintenance, but stops spammers COLD in their tracks.

11) Talk about the list and our expectation of privacy.

This is a conversation on a phone line like any conference call. Things are said, and everything said is in the opinion of the author of the email note. "In My Opinion" is infered, it does not have to be specifically stated. The expectation of privacy exists for each and every email note on this mailing list. The expectation is that email notes will not be forwarded off the list without the author's permission. Further, anything forwarded off the list must include the disclaimer "cross posted" and "From the Fife Drum Dot Org mailing list" to clearly demonstrate that this is email to a private mailing list, not email from a public forum like a blog, newsgroup or bulletin board.

This is, indeed, a private mailing list. The host is bought and paid for by the owner, the owner pays the service fees, the owner configures the list. There is no anonymous access to the list, there is no anonymous access to the list archives as they do not exist.

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