Drummer's Lace

Being one of the "Old Corps" the VIIIth, or KING'S REGIMENT had:

1st & 2nd Colours - 8th Regiment

In the center of their colours, the white horse on a red ground within the
garter, and crown over it. In the three corners of the second colour,
the King's cypher and crown.

"The King's, or 8th Regiment served in North America during the years
1768 to 1785. The Regiment was stationed at the major posts of Quebec,
Montreal, Niagara, Detroit and Michilimackinac. During the American Rebellion,
the King's Regiment took part in operations and conflicts throughout the Mohawk
Valley, Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and St. Laurence Regions. Between 1776 and
1782 these events included the Cedars, Siege of Fort Stanwix, Cherry Valley,
Grand Portage Expedition, Vincennes, Siege of Fort Laurens, the battle of Newtown,
St Joseph, Martin and Ruddle's Stations, Schoharie Valley, Hannastown Raid, and
an expedition to seccure Cahoki; persent day St. Louis!
Courtesy of Daniel O'Connell of the re-created 8th Regt of Foot.

8th Regiment

The same device of the white horse within the garter, on the drums,
and bells of arms. Rank of the regiment underneath.

Evidence suggests that the drum would also have had depictions of the
King's cypher and crown to the upper right, lower right, and lower left of the
white horse within the garter, and "Regt VIII" in gold leaf to the upper left.

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Regimental Lace