Drummer's Lace

LXXVIIIth Regiment of Foot

Originally raised as the 63 rd Reg t of Foot in 1757
by the Hon. Simon Fraser.
The regiment was renumbered in 1758.

1st & 2nd Colours - 78th Regiment

In the center of each colour is to be painted, or embroidered, in gold
Roman characters, the number of the rank of the regiment, within the
wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk. The second Colour to be
the colour of the facing of the regiment, with the Union in the upper
canton; except those regiments which are faced with red, white, or black.

The 2nd Highland Battalion was raised in Inverness in January
of 1757, under the Honorable Simon Fraser, and was numbered the
63rd Regiment of Foot. The regiment was marched to Greenock,
where it embarked, in company with Montgomery’s Highlanders,
and landed at Halifax, Nova Scotia in June of 1757.

Upon landing, it was proposed that there be a change in uniform.
The Highland garb was said to be unfit for the cold severe winters
and hot summers in North America. The regiment protested
vehemently against any change to their uniform. Colonel Fraser
was successful in explaining the strong attachment to the
Highland garb to the Commander in Chief, and the regiment
was allowed to retain its cherished national dress.

It was after the siege of Louisbourg in 1758, that the regiment
was renumbered the 78th Regiment of Foot or Fraser's Highlanders.
Fraser's Highlanders were the only Highland troops fighting on the
Plains of Abraham on September 13, 1759. The 78th took part in the
defence of Quebec and in the expedition against Montreal in 1760.

In 1762, the 78th was sent together with a small force to 're-take'
St. John's, Newfoundland; captured earlier by the French.
The Fraser's were disbanded in Quebec in December 1763.

78th Regiment

The front [of the drums] to be painted with the colour of the facing
of the regiment, with the King's cypher and crown, and the
number of the regiment under it.

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Regimental Lace