Drummer's Lace

3rd Regiment of Foot Guards Badge

IIId Regiment of Foot Guards

Major's Colour and 3rd Captain's Colour - 3rd Foot Guards

Colours & Drums of the 3 rd Reg t of Foot Guards,
remain a subject of speculation . . .

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"Originally formed as the Life Guards of the Army of Scotland in 1642,
the regiment was deactivated when Charles II fled to France after the
Battle of Worcestershire in 1651. It was reactivated by Charles in 1660
as part of the Scottish, rather than English, Army. With the Union of
the two countries in 1707, the Scots Guards marched to London and
became the Third Regiment of Foot Guards on the British establishment."
(Source: Original research by Ms. Linnea Bass,
Company of Military Historians, and the late Bill Burke)
Courtesy of Jay Callaham of the re-created 4th Coy, Brigade of Guards.

3rd Foot Guards - Front View

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