Drummer's Lace

XXXVIIth Regiment of Foot

1st & 2nd Colours - 37th Regiment

In the center of each colour is to be painted, or embroidered, in gold
Roman characters, the number of the rank of the regiment, within the
wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk. The second Colour to be
the colour of the facing of the regiment, with the Union in the upper
canton; except those regiments which are faced with red, white, or black.

"Raised in 1702 by Thomas Meredith of Dollardstown, County Meath,
who was first commissioned as a Captain in the Duke of Leinster's Horse
(7th Dragoon Guards) in 1691. The 37th was ordered to America about
October 1775 and found themselves posted to the 111th Brigade under
Major General Jones alongside the 10th, 38th, and the 52nd foot and landed
at Long Island, taking part in the battle for Long Island and Manhattan.
The 37th went under a change and was brigaded with the IV Brigade with
the 17th, 46th, and the 64th foot. Its Grenadiers going to the 1st Grenadiers,
and their Light Company going to the 2nd L.I. of the 111th Brigade. The 37th
saw action at Brandywine, Washington's ships in the Delaware, Germantown,
Monmouth Court House and finally the defense of New York during which
the Regiment received the county title 'The 37th North Hampshire Regiment.'
The Regiment departed New York in June 1783."
Courtesy of Paul Jerrard of the The Royal Hampshire Regiment.

37th Regiment

The front [of the drums] to be painted with the colour of the facing
of the regiment, with the King's cypher and crown, and the
number of the regiment under it.

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Regimental Lace