Drummer's Lace

2nd Regiment of Foot Guards Star

Coldstream Guards

Lieutenant Colonel's Colour and 2nd Captain's Colour - Coldstream Guards

Colours & Drums of the Coldstream Guards,
remain a subject of speculation . . .

"Colonel Monck formed this regiment, which carried his name,
in 1650 as part of Cromwell’s New Model Army. In 1660 Monck
marched the unit from Coldstream, Scotland to London in support of
Charles II's return to the throne. In 1661 Charles designated the unit
as second in seniority to the First Guards and bestowed the name of
The Lord General's Regiment of Guards in honor of Monck's new title.
In 1670, after Monck's death, the unit was redesignated as the
Coldstream Guards.
Because its founding date precedes that of First Guards, the Coldstream
to this day considers itself the senior regiment. It adopted the motto
'Nulli Secundus' meaning 'Second to None.'"
(Source: Original research by Ms. Linnea Bass,
Company of Military Historians, and the late Bill Burke)
Courtesy of Jay Callaham of the re-created 4th Coy, Brigade of Guards.

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Coldstream Guards - Front View

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