Drummer's Lace

Being one of the "Old Corps" the XXVIIth Regiment was;

1st & 2nd Colours - 27th Regiment

Allowed to wear, in the center of their colours, a castle with three turrets;
St. George's colours flying, in a blue field; and the name Inniskilling over it.

The 27th Foot was first raised to defend the Irish town of Inniskilling in 1689 and
was known as Zacharaiah Tiffin's Regiment of Foot. The regiment was placed on the
regular English Establishment in 1690, becoming the 27th Regt of Foot in July of 1751.

During the French and Indian War, the 27th Foot saw action at Ticonderoga
and Crown Point, and were present at the French surrender of Montreal in 1760.

In 1761 the regiment left Nova Scotia for the West Indies, taking part in the
capture of Martinique and Grenada, and the Spanish citadel of Havana in 1762.

The regiment arrived in Boston in October of 1775. Taking part in the New York
Campaign of 1776, the 27th saw action at Long Island and White Plains. The
27th Regiment of Foot left America, for the West Indies, in November of 1778.

27th Regiment

The same badge of the castle and name, on the drums, and bells of arms.
Rank of the regiment underneath.

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Regimental Lace