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1st Regiment of Foot Guards Badge

1st Regiment of Foot Guards

Colonel's Colour and Regimental Colour, 1st Battn, 1st Regt of Foot Guards

The company badge appearing on the Regimental Colours is copyrighted by
Her Majesty's First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards, reproduced and incorporated
here by permission of Colonel E T Bolitho OBE, Regimental Lieutenant Colonel.

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"A 12 company regiment of Guards was formed by Charles II in 1659
while in exile from England. The unit remained in Flanders when Charles
returned home in 1660. At this time he created another regiment of Guards,
also of 12 companies. In 1662 these two units were amalgamated to form
the Royal or King's Regiment of Foot Guards. The name later became the
First Regiment of Foot Guards,
and was changed to Grenadier Guards in 1815 after Waterloo.
On 13 February 1776 orders were issued from Guards Headquarters in
London forming a detachment from the three Regiments of Foot Guards
for service in the war in America. The detachment was to consist of
15 privates from each of the 64 companies of Foot Guards.
Officers, non-commissioned officers, and musicians were also drawn from
the regiments. The unit embarked for America on 2 May 1776."
(Source: Original research by Ms. Linnea Bass,
Company of Military Historians, and the late Bill Burke)
Courtesy of Jay Callaham of the re-created 4th Coy, Brigade of Guards.

1st Foot Guards

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