Drummer's Lace

XIXth Regiment of Foot

1st & 2nd Colours - 19th Regiment

In the center of each colour is to be painted, or embroidered, in gold
Roman characters, the number of the rank of the regiment, within the
wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk. The second Colour to be
the colour of the facing of the regiment, with the Union in the upper
canton; except those regiments which are faced with red, white, or black.

The 19th was first raised from independent companies in
Devonshire, England in 1688 under Francis Lutterell, and was
known as Lutterell's Regiment of Foot. The regiment served with
Prince William of Orange during the 'Glorious Revolution'.
During the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714), the regiment saw
action at Malplaquet in 1709, Douai in 1710, and at Bouchain in 1711.

From its beginning, the regiment bore the name of its colonel. In 1738, the
Honorable Sir Charles Howard took command of the regiment, and it
was known as Howard's Regiment. In 1744, a Thomas Howard was
commanding Howard's Regiment (later the 3rd Regiment of Foot),
and a method was needed to distinguish the two. Since Thomas
Howard's Regiment wore a red uniform with buff facings and Sir Charles
Howard's Regiment wore a red uniform with green facings; one regiment
was called the Buff Howards and the other the Green Howards.
To this day, they are still known as The Buffs and The Green Howards.
During King George’s War, the Green Howards took part in the
Battles of Fontenoy in 1745, Roucoux in 1746, and Lauffeldt in 1747.
The regiment became the 19th Regiment of Foot in July of 1751. During the
Seven Years War, the 19th Foot distinguished itself at Belleisle in 1761.

The Green Howards arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in 1781.
The regiment saw immediate action as part of the force sent to relieve
Fort Ninety-Six. The 19th Foot saw action at the Battles of Quinby Bridge
and Shubrick's Plantation on July 17, 1781, and were present for the
British defeat at Eutaw Springs on September 8. The Green Howards
left America in December of 1782 en-route to Barbados.

The 19th Regiment of Foot was granted the county
title of the 1st Yorkshire North Riding Regiment in 1782.

19th Regiment

The front [of the drums] to be painted with the colour of the facing
of the regiment, with the King's cypher and crown, and the
number of the regiment under it.

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