Drummer's Lace

XVIth, or "Queen's Own" Light Dragoons

King's & 2nd Guidon - 16th Light Dragoons

"The King's, or First Standards, or Guidon of each Regiment to be crimson with the
Rose and Thistle conjoined,and crown over them; in the center His Majesty's Motto,
"Dieu et mon Droit'" underneath; the White Horse in a compartment, in the first and
fourth corner; and the rank of the Regiment, in gold or silver characters, on a ground
of the same colour as the facing of the Regiment in a compartment in the second
and third corners.  The Second and Third Standard, or Guidon of each Corps, to
be of the Colour of the facing of the Regiment, with the Badge of the Regiment in the
centre, or the Rank of the Regiment in Gold or Silver Roman Characters on a crimson
ground, within a Wreath of Roses and Thistles on the same stalk, the Motto of the
Regiment underneath; the White Horse on a Red ground to be in the first and fourth
Compartments, and the Rose and Thistle conjoined upon a red Ground in the Second
and Third compartments.  The Distinction of the Third Standard, or Guidon to be a
figure 3 on a circular ground of Red, underneath the Motto.  Those Corps which have
any particular Badge, are to carry it in the centre of their Second and Third Standard or
Guidon, with the rank of the Regiment on a red ground, within a small wreath of
Roses and Thistles, in the second and third corners."    Royal Clothing Warrant, 1751.

The 16th Light Dragoons was raised in Northampton under
Colonel John Burgoyne in August of 1759. The regiment was first
engaged at Valencia de Alcantara in Spain where it distinguished
itself by defeating a 'numerically superior force', resulting in the
capture of the commanding Spanish general, and destroying the
Regiment of Seville. As a result of this action, the regiment
was designated as a Royal regiment in 1766, being known
as The Queen's Light Dragoons; and adopting
Queen Charlotte's cipher as its badge.

The 16th Regiment of Light Dragoons arrived
in Halifax, Nova Scotia in October of 1776. The
regiment was immediately dispatched to New York, where
it participated in the Battle of White Plains on October 18, 1776.
On Christmas Day of that year, General George Washington's
Army took the Hessian occupied town of Trenton by surprise.
The 16th Light Dragoons were in Trenton at the time;
however, left the town at the onset of the fighting.
During the Philadelphia Campaign of 1777, the regiment
took part in the battles of Brandywine Creek and Germantown.

The 16th Light Dragoons returned to New York in 1778, but being
understrength, were drafted into the 17th Light Dragoons. The officers,
along with the regiments Colours, returned to England in 1779.

10th Regiment

The Drums of the Dragoon Guards and Dragoons to be of brass; the front,
or forepart to be painted with the colour of the facing of the regiment, upon
which is to be the badge or rank of the regiment as in the second guidon.

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Regimental Lace