Drummer's Lace

XVIth Regiment of Foot

1st & 2nd Colours - 16th Regiment

In the center of each colour is to be painted, or embroidered, in gold
Roman characters, the number of the rank of the regiment, within the
wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk. The second Colour to be
the colour of the facing of the regiment, with the Union in the upper
canton; except those regiments which are faced with red, white, or black.

The 16th was first raised in Reading, England in 1688 under
Archibald Douglas, and was known as Douglas' Regiment of Foot.
The regiment took part in the Battle of Namur, during King William's
War of 1689-1697. During the War of Spanish Succession
(1701-1714), the regiment distinguished itself, receiving battle
honors at Blenheim in 1704, Ramilies in 1706, Oudenarde in 1708,
and Malplaquet in 1709. In 1747, the regiment was ranked as
the 16th Foot and became the 16th Regiment of Foot in July of 1751.

The 16th Regiment of Foot arrived in New York in 1767.
The regiment was immediately sent to Florida where it remained
until the outbreak of the American Revolution. In 1779, the
16th Foot participated in the defense of Baton Rouge (Louisiana)
and the defense of Savannah, Georgia. In 1781, the regiment
returned to Florida, taking part in the siege of Pensacola before
returning to England in March of the following year.

The 16th Regiment of Foot was granted the county
title of the Buckinghamshire Regiment in 1782.

16th Regiment

The front [of the drums] to be painted with the colour of the facing
of the regiment, with the King's cypher and crown, and the
number of the regiment under it.

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Regimental Lace