Drummer's Lace

CVth Regiment of Foot - The Volunteers of Ireland

1st & 2nd Colours - 105th Regiment

Like many Provincial units, little is known of the Volunteers of
Ireland. There are no known Colours, drums, or uniforms; no detailed
invoices of clothing; no orderly books, nor first-hand descriptions.

The regiment was formed in Philadelphia as the Volunteers of Ireland
in May of 1778; and, when in 1779 the regiment was placed on the
American Establishment as the 2nd American Regiment, their coats
were red, with green facings. They were in this uniform at Charleston,
shortly before the evacuation of that city in 1782, when they were taken
into the Regular Establishment as the 105th Regiment of Foot.

From this time until their departure for Ireland in April, 1783,
it is most likely that their Colours, drums, and uniforms remained as
that of the 2nd American Regiment. It is logical to assume that based
on their green facings, their Colours and the front of their drums
would have been of the same green color.

The Colours and drum shown here are based on a similar design
carried by the 1st American Regiment, the Queen's Rangers.

105th Regiment

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Regimental Lace