Practical Guide to 18th Century Drumming
by Ron Aylor

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    John A. Steffa, DMA
    Associate Professor of Composition and Theory - Murray State University

      "This is a well thought out primer that could be useful to a beginning drummer who is interested in better understanding his or her role as a drummer as it might have been in the American Revolutionary War.      - Good job!"

    Martin Killeen
    Reference Librarian - The University of Birmingham - United Kingdom

      "I have checked the illustrations in the Practical Guide To Eighteenth Century Drumming on the Continental Regiment Fife & Drum website against our copy of the text of The Young Drummers Assistant, Longman & Broderip, [178?]. I find that in every case the images used give a clear, correct and accurate representation of the originals."

    Steven Sherrill
    Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Librarian

      "This is a very informative site and is easy to navigate. The notation is clear and systematically presented so that any student can grasp the concepts presented. The music theory and notation features are consistent and accurate in every respect."

    Ray Hauley
    Proprietor - Hauley Music

      "Reenacting groups from the capital district plan on using the guide as a teaching tool for learning drummers"

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