Practical Guide to 18th Century Drumming
by Ron Aylor

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Drum Tack  Introduction

    This Guide is directed primarily to the Drummers of the American Revolutionary War Reenactment Community. It is intended to provide an instruction method for the novice as well as the more experienced drummer.

    At present, there exists but a few sources of actual 18th century drum music. For this particular work, the following resources, have been employed:

    Short Method for Drumming - A Musician (Printed for George Winter's widow): Berlin, 1777.
    Young Drummers Assistant - Longman & Broderip: London, 1780-1782?.
    Drummer's Book of Music, One manuscript volume. Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, 1778-1792? (date of origin remains a subject of speculation.) Referred to herein as the "Gardner Manuscript."

    It is my desire to provide a method in which even the newest recruit to the drum line, can achieve the proficiency required to maintain the standards of the art of 18th century drumming. This Guide is not presented as a comprehensive study guide in that no guide can take the place of personal instruction with a competent instructor. The Guide is organized in seven sections which should be dealt with in their given order. The reader should not proceed to the next until he has a complete understanding of the prior one.

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