The 3rd Connecticut Regiment of Fifes & Drums was established in 1887. The corps is a family corps, meaning that all ages are invited to participate. Members are not limited to any specific age group or musical ability.

The corps meets every Tuesday night for instruction, with the winter months the primary instruction time. During the winter, practices are held 7:00 - 8:30pm in the cafeteria at the East Hampton High School. In the spring, summer, and late fall, practice is outside where the corps drills in 18th Century marching to the familiar Revolutionary tunes of Yankee Doodle, The Girl I Left Behind Me, The Road to Boston, and many others. These practices are often held at Nelson's Campground in East Hampton.

The corps is always looking for new members. Those interested may contact the corps via the Contact Us link on the navigation bar. No musical talent is required. The corps will provide intruction for those desiring to learn the fife, snare or bass drum. Those not wishing to participate musically and those learning an instrument are invited to march in the color guard.

Author: Shawn Vause,
Last revision: February, 2003