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Westbrook Muster
August 24-26, 2007 (Fri-Sun) - Westbrook, CT

Time: Tattoo: 7pm (Fri)
Parade: 11am (Sat)
Location: Ted Lane Field


The Muster will be held on Ted Lane Field, at the rear of the Fire House in Westbrook, CT. The Friday Tattoo starts at 7pm and the Parade starts at 12am on Saturday. Camping on the field is optional, but you may have to get there early to reserve a spot.


From Albany

  • Take Freebie 90 East to Exit 4 (West Springfield)

  • Take 91 South to Exit 22 South (Exit is on left in CT)

  • Take Route 9 South to Exit 3 (Essex/Westbrook)

  • Take 153 South to the end at Route 1

  • Cross Route 1 into Ted Lane Field

  • Map

    Alternatively Route

  • Take 95 East into CT to Exit 65

  • Continue at step 4 of the "From Albany" directions above

  • Back to Albany

  • Take 153 North to Route 9 North

  • Take Route 9 North to Exit 20 North

  • Take Route 91 North to Exit 14 (Not 100% certain about exit number)

  • Take Route 90 West to Albany