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Fort George Muster
August 17-19, 2007 (Fri-Sun) - Ontario, Canada

Time: Load Up: 11:30am
Location: Fort George Historic Site


We will meet at the Bethlehem Town Hall to load the bus from 11:30am, and leave for Fort George by 12pm (or earlier if everyone is ready). We will all need a birth certificate with a raised seal (not a photocopy). We will be back at town hall between 11pm and midnight on Sunday, August 19 (possibly later if there is a huge delay at customs). Our cars can be left at the Town Hall.

What you'll need:

Bring all uniform parts, two pairs of VV socks if available, fife or drum, sling, sticks. There are showers, so bring a change of clothing as well. Money for Friday road stop and/or meal at the falls around 7pm or later, and Sunday evening road stop. Meals will be provided at the Fort, starting Saturday with 3 meals, then 2 on Sunday. We usually sleep on wooden bunk beds with a cushion, so bring a pillow and a sleeping bag. The bus also has a VCR and DVD player and we will be voting on movies to play from whatever you decide to bring.

Sheet Music:

Peter Alexander has generously handwritten and mailed us sheet music for the songs they play at the fort. This can be a useful resource if you'd like to be more prepared for their jam sessions, or if your just interested in how some of these songs are played:

Fort George Sheet Music