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What is the purpose of this Web Site?

For several years now, a number of Fifers and Drummers affiliated with a variety of corps from across the nation, ancient as well as historic, have been keeping in touch via email lists. For some time now we have been disturbed by what we have found while searching online auctions for interesting Field Music artifacts. We have noticed that many, otherwise reputable sellers have been led to believe that virtually any six hole fife that appears to be more than 10 years old must have been used by a Civil War Fifer (War Between the States for our friends in Dixie). Civil War memorabilia is enjoying a profound level of interest in auction circuits of late and this means that many of these instruments command selling prices of $200, $300 or more. It is our wish that anyone interested enough in Historic Field Music to offer this kind of bid, have available information which will assist them in making an educated decision on what, in fact, it is they are bidding on.

In the final analysis, any instrument you are bidding on is worth whatever a buyer will pay. So do your homework, don't bid blind.