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2003 - present

Performing outside the Bennett Place Homesite where Gen. Johnston surrendered to Gen. Sherman. Durham, NC - June 2003.

BELOW: Gettysburg 140th Anniversary - 2003

David rehydrates under the Field Music's massive tent compound. Gettysburg 2003.

Jacob Wallace and Will Chappelle gather around Chef Tommy White's cooking fire and our Bass Drum "serving island." Gettysburg 2003.

Drum Major Raymond Robinson prepares to strut his stuff on the field. Gettysburg 2003.

Sharpsburg Living History - October 2003

In front of the famous Dunker Church.

Five Fifers! That's a lot for us down South.

"Drum Line" L to R: Aubrey & Noah Raper, Tommy White.

Lead Drummer Noah Raper beats "Assembly"

Fifer Matt Waisner

The Full Corps performs in camp - Sharpsburg, MD - October 2003



April 17, 2004

The Carolina Legion marching through the streets of Charleston, SC

All fancied up with white gloves tucked in our belts.

Performing Camp Duties while camping at Fort Moultrie for the weekend.

With black arm bands on, we marched past the waterfront of Charleston Harbor. Our ranks were the largest they have ever been with our guest pairs of brothers: Bernie and Dan Culpepper of South Carolina and Will and Calvin Chappelle of Alabama.

Performing a "personal revielle" early in the morn for some not-too-happy soldiers. Old Salem - June 2004.


Performing at a rededication ceremony for a restored original flag of the 26th NC Regiment. North Carolina Museum of History, Raleigh, NC - August 2004.

Above: Freezing in the January sea breeze at the 140th Anniversary Reenactment of Fort Fisher on the North Carolina coast - January 2005

Playing for the spectators at the 140th Anniversary of the Battle of Bentonville, NC - March 2005 (special digital photography by Hannah Carson).

Dressed in various odd militia uniforms and civilian attire, reenacting an early war muster at the birthplace of Governor Zebulon Vance, Weaverville, NC - June 2005.

Living History, Franklin, NC - June 2005

Lead Drummer Noah Raper (left) with his father, bass drummer Aubrey Raper (right) - Franklin, NC - June 2005

WATCH A SHORT VIDEO CLIP OF US - playing "Jefferson & Liberty" - Gettysburg Living History, October 2005.

A small contingency of Field Music. Gettysburg, PA Living History - Oct. 2005

Above: A small group of musicians attended the Rivers Bridge South Carolina Reenactment - February 2006

Above: Performing as Federal Field Music at Fort Anderson, North Carolina - February 2006

Latta Plantation Living History - Huntersville, NC - March 2006

Above: Marching through the streets of Old Salem, Living History. Winston-Salem - June 2006

Performing as a new flag for the 6th NC Reg. is unfurled. 145th Anniversary Reenactment of 1st Manassas, VA. July 2006.

The Carolina Fifes & Drums. 145th Anniversary Reenactment of 1st Manassas, VA. July 2006.

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