"The Early Years" Photo Gallery

     We can trace our roots back to 1981 (A.D.), when a weary reenactor in the 26th NC Regiment named Terry Triplett discovered that a fife weighed a lot less than a musket.  Joined by some aspiring drummers, the Field Music of the 26th NC Regiment was born!   Soon after Bill Bynum, a veteran fifer from Revolutionary War reenactments, joined up and the small group played together through many of the Civil War 125th Anniversary Reenactments for the next four years.

      Most of the pictures in this gallery were taken from the early 1990s until 1997.  During this period, former U.S. Army drummer Bob Greer became the group’s number one snare drummer.  Terry’s  brother Greg Triplett carried the Bass Drum, and David Rotan joined the fifers.

The 26th NC Reg. Field Music at the 125th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Bentonville, NC - March 1990.

L to R: Bill Bynum, Tim Arey, Richard Avery, Andy Barnett

Murray's Mill, NC - 1992: Fifes in Action. From left: Bill Bynum, David Rotan, Terry Triplett

Above: Murray's Mill, NC - 1992: Fifes & Drums are set aside in camp for a guitar, banjo, dulcimer, penny whistle, and voices.

July 1992: Playing Reveille in the early morning fog - 129th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg, PA.

Bass Drummer Greg Triplett pounds away at a statue rededication ceremony, Morganton, NC - 1993.

Fancy with white gaters, red sashes, and musicians' sabres at the Confederate monument rededication ceremony, Morganton, NC - September 1993.

Fifer David Rotan and Snare Drummer Bob Greer lead the federals out to battle. Fort Branch, NC - November 1994.

Memorial Service - 1993: Snare Drummer Bob Greer (left) with Bass Drummer Greg Triplett and the fifers perform stately tunes at a soldier's grave marker dedication, Morganton, NC.

Right: Terry Triplett, leader of crazy camp shenanigans, dressed as his most infamous character. . . P.T. BUCKETHEAD, premiered at New Market, Va. - 1994.

April 1995 - Performance in Camp - Living History, 130th Anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox, Virginia.

Bob Greer and Bill Bynum perform at a living history encampment, Gov. Zeb Vance's birthplace, Weaverville, NC - 1996

Jeb Stuart's Birthplace - 1996: Left to Right: Bob Greer, Terry Triplett, Bill Bynum, David Rotan.