Photo Gallery

1998 - 2002

In late 1997, the fifers in the 26th NC Regiment found themselves without any drummers. Not too far away, the 25th NC Regiment's father/son team of drummers, Noah and Aubrey Raper, found themselves without any fifers. The two groups of musicians soon began playing together as members of the "Carolina Legion Field Music" and have performed at Civil War living history events and reenactments ever since.

ABOVE AND LEFT: The 135th Anniversary Reenactment of Gettysburg (1998) was the largest event we have attended to date.

LEFT: In the fall of 1999, some of our musicians took off the Blue & Gray to become British Redcoats in crazy hats during the filming of the hit Mel Gibson movie "The Patriot." Other films where some of us appear include "North & South, part 2," and the Turner Network Television movies "The Hunley" and "Tecumseh: The Last Warrior."

Reenactment of Chancellorsville, Virginia - September 2000

Performing as the Union "Iron Brigade"- Gettysburg Living History, August 2000

LEFT: Marching off to battle. RIGHT: Bill Bynum in his best "Napoleon-Gen. George Patton" stance.

Lexington, SC 2001

BELOW: 140th Anniversary Reenactment

Battle of 1st Manassas, Virginia - August 2001

Practicing in shirt sleeves - Heat index 100+ degrees!

Performing for a Dress Parade

Camp of Instruction 2002 - Rutherford County, NC

LEFT & ABOVE: Battle of Averasboro, NC - March 2002 - Rain or Shine!

ABOVE LEFT: The Fifers try to do it all alone - near fatal results! ABOVE RIGHT: Prin. Mus. Bill Bynum, Fifer David Rotan, Drummer Clayton Rains, substitute bass drummer (and future Drum Major) Raymond Robinson - AVERASBORO 2002.

Marching to the NC Monument, Gettysburg Living History, July 2002

When Animals Attack: A Critter clings to David's arm. Gettysburg Living History - 2002.

140th Anniversary of Antietam - Sharpsburg, Maryland - September 2002

Authentic Ferrotype by John A. Coffer

Blue Springs Reenactment - Mosheim, Tennessee. October 2002