2009 Song List 

Reviewing Stand:



Black Horse

·        Intro

·        Whup Jamboree

·        Brandywine

·        Drum Solo

·        The Races

·        Nancy Hanks (if we are not competing)


Parade Routine:



Battle Hymn


Catholic Boys

Finnegan’s Wake

First of September

Foggy Dew / Minstrel Boy

Garry Owen

Green Cockade

In Heaven There is no Beer

Irish Reel

Kathy Hill

Norman Toy / La Belle Catherine

Old Dan Tucker

Paddy on the Handcar

Rally ‘Round the Flag

Roddy and Bells

Service Songs

Seven Stars

Sister’s Jig

Star Spangled Banner

Swallow’s Tail

Washington’s Grand March (A and B) into Yankee Doodle

Wearin’ Of The Green

York Fusiliers


Works in Progress