CMSA Yearbook - First the SPIRIT of CMSA Award 

But a little history of the McSorley Seamanship Award first. 

The McSorley Seamanship award was used during the late 1980's when in New York Harbor their was a resurgence in the historical Lifeboat Races.  A monomoy lifeboat, for those interested, is 25 feet in length, steered by a coxswain and rowed by 8 rowers.  The McSorley Nine was a group of, at that time, young New Yorkers who loved 15 E 7th street and had a passion for the sea. The lifeboat races  were held off of the Battery and the McSorley Nine was known to practice for the races by rowing around Governor's Island and going across the Hudson to Hoboken and back. This trophy was derived from the Cornflakes and Gin Award of the NY Schooner Race (Mayor's Cup).

  • Royal National Lifeboat Assocation (RNLI) Mumbles, Wales
  • Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
  • Embarcadaro Rowing Club, California

  • When CMSA started gathering strength and a certain future bass drummer joined, it was thought that the trophy deserved a new life, and thus the CMSA Spirit of Fife & Drum award was created.     

    The award is voted by the full members of CMSA that are attending DRAM.  Each member has one vote and one must wait at least three years before one can win the trophy a second time.  When the cup is presented it is filled to the brim with a secret drink, and it passed around the members of CMSA until the cup is empty.  One of the main roles of the winner of the cup is to clean and polish this historic artifact and have it ready for the next DRAM.    

    Winners of the Spirit of CMSA Award 

    2009 William 'Bill' Gaydoes:

    2008 Carl Joseph - once a Marine always a Marine. Carl is the Quartermaster of the Corps. Always a serious fifer Carl, he gets his musical ability from his daughters, and hard work. Carl has the great responsibility of getting us all in uniform, and looking sharp, not a easy job, since he has to constantly mix and match uniforms based on who will appear at a event.  When Carl returned the trophy iot was gleaming.  A marine always remeber spit shinning an polishing the brass.

    2007 Dianne Romano - our great and fearless leader. A great tucker and a person who has a real passion for the fine art of F&D.  Lots of patience dealing with the Bad Boys and Girls of New Jersey F&D aka her Drum line and at least a few fifers.  For getting us to parades on time, calling us to attention and allowing us the opportunity to have a outstanding F&D Corps. 

    2006 Colleen Parriott - for attending the most parades and sitting on the side lines of at least one parade and thinking wow that corps sounds just like CMSA, and their uniforms look like ....... oh my gosh the parade started already!  One of the primary reasons for fife oil, and the Lake Hopatcong fireworks muster. . 

    2005 Larry Muscat - went from photographer to bass drummer to muster expert. Well maybe expert on the fine points of having fun at a muster.  

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