Traditions, Pride and Various Backgrounds all blend together in CMSA 

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Morris County Militia

Morris County Militia 

The Morris County Militia Senior Corps (PH on Bass)

No explanation needed! 

Peter Hubert  front row 4th from the left....1971.

Class 2C 1970 - X,  the Regiment 1968-1972, and a future bass drummer!  Spit shines, whitewalls, the Jesuits, drill at the 23 Street armory, and 7th street in the village!  'No Shame'. It was Not  ROTC, and it was definitely not JROTC, but it was the REGIMENT.


McSorley's Ale House 

the gang at the NY St Pat's parade with the Irish Brigade


a fife instructor on his weekend off a fife instructor on his weekend off

Ft. Knox ROTC.  

2005 CyberAncients at Leesburg Muster.  can you find the current and future CMSA members in this picture?. 


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